When looking for creative, applicable web content in Northwest Arkansas, look no further than Purveyor of Words.  Specializing in fresh content that is SEO maximized and key word heavy, our content is written with the client’s overall goals in mind and designed to drive internet traffic to their site.  Listed below are some of the major social media sites; although there are many others that we have the ability to manage for your company or organization.

Facebook – is designed for individuals who want an online presence to communicate with friends and families all over the world.  If you are using Facebook for your business, it allows you to promote your business, products, and disseminate information to everyone who has “liked” your business page.  The cost of advertising on Facebook is minimal for the amazing ROI it affords your business.

Twitter –  allows you to share nuggets of information (140 characters) about your company, which if properly used can be “re-tweeted” to your followers contacts and their followers.  It is a great mechanism for sharing short, but vital information about your business.

Linked In –  this was originally started as the “business to business” social media gold mine.  It allows you to network with other professionals in your chosen industry while also touching base with key consumers.  It is slightly more simplistic in design, while also allowing you to upload resume’s and other pertinent data.

Blogging – whether you need content driven by your company’s needs or are looking for opinionated blogs on society and being a mom of twins, Purveyor of Words is your go to source for creative content.

Instagram and Pinterest are additional forms that we have recently added to our services.

Feel free to contact us to discuss the social media options available for your needs.  Whether it is structured and consistent publishing of your company’s offerings, or one time set up of social media sites, we are your go to source for Social Media and Website Content.