We’ve all heard the adage that we must find the balance between work and life. Many experts will say that if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. While I too subscribe to this encompassing thought, I also recognize the need for business owners and professionals to analyze their ability to successfully bridge this balance.

Reflecting on our personal satisfaction within our company or career allows each of us to identify the needs of our business and its ability to thrive; while also highlighting the role we play in that success.

Reflection of our personal needs allows us to identify our long term goals and to analyze our strengths and weakness which ultimately impact the choices we make for our lives. This self-reflection also allows us to identify the things we love to do, the things we don’t particularly enjoy doing, and the areas where we can delegate tasks to staff or contract employees.

Even for small business owners and non-profit agencies, delegating tasks that we stumble through, don’t enjoy, or are just not good at, will ultimately impact our “bottom line” in a multitude of areas. These areas could include the satisfaction of our employees while at work and their belief that they are contributing to something valuable and worthwhile.

Additional benefits of self-reflection and delegation of duties could include: better work flow within the office, quicker turn around for agency projects, and an overall feeling of satisfaction with how we have chosen to spend our lives.

Instability and unhappiness at work impacts every aspect of our daily lives, from the impact on our health to the impact on our families, finding the balance between work and life is crucial.

It could quite literally mean the difference between one foot in the grave and the other on a sandy beach.